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Chaturbate Token Hack Tool

Chaturbate Hack

How To Use Chaturbate Token Generator

Chaturbate is one of the best Cam sites on internet. It is mostly free site, but has also premium content which can be unlocked by using special tokens bought with real money. This is where our tool can help you. The main part of the program, in fact its core, is Chaturbate Token Generator. This feature allows you to generate up to 1000 free tokens each time you use the tool. Using our software is easy and simple too. We suppose you already have your account on this site, and you have your unique username. After starting Chaturbate Token hack 2016 tool, first thing you should do is enter your username in designated text field. On the right side of the window you will see four options, for adding 100, 200, 500 or 1000 tokens to designated account. Just check the option you want and press Hack button below. You can see the progress of Chaturbate Token hack by watching the progress bar. Wait for it to be fully charged before you close down the tool and check the site. You can also see the status of your account and tokens added to it in info section of the window. This info section is automatically updated after tokens are added and you should wait until you see the added tokens appearing in this info window before closing the hack tool. If you are already logged in your account, you need to refresh the page in order to get free chaturbate tokens. That’s about all you need to know about how to use our program. Of course, you can see that there are numerous additional options in this hack tool. They will be all explained in following text. All of them are optional features and you can choose whether you want to use them or not. However, there are some occasions when you need to activate some of these features in order for our hack tool to work properly. Let’s see how and when you should use additional options in Token hack tool.

Additional security options and features in the tool

There are several additional features in hack for chaturbate. Three of them are additional safety options. Other are so called extras, like update and donate button, or refresh proxy button, etc. Additional safety options are not required in general for Chaturbate hack tool to work properly. However, under some circumstances they should be used. For example, Auto clear cookies should be used if you want to clear your tracks and hide any evidence of your visits to this site. Although there is incognito feature in most of the internet browsers today, that solution is not perfect. As you all know, incognito window in internet browser enables you to browse internet content without showing it in browser history. However, this doesn’t mean you remain invisible for site or any other internet tracking program. This is especially true for cookies added by nearly all sites you visit. Auto clear cookies option will automatically erase all cookies set by them after each visit, together with any recollection of it in browsing history. This option (auto clear cookies) should be therefore used in case you want to absolutely hide any traces of your visits to, without deleting browser history. The other two options are even more important. First option is Use proxy. Use proxy masks your IP address and hides it from internet tracing programs. This option is essential for proper adding of free chaturbate tokens in countries with advanced security measures applied in local internet traffic. The list of such countries include mostly countries with new and improved internet infrastructure, like USA, Germany, UK, France, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, South Korea, Japan etc. For counties with old internet infrastructure this option is not necessary because of their dynamic IP system which is not threatening at all. If you are not sure in which group you belong, it is better to use proxy option every time you use our software. In case you already used Chaturbate hack tool and added some tokens, but now you wish to add some more tokens or add them to different account, you need to use “Download fresh proxy” option between two sessions. By using this option you reset proxy and enable proper working of Tokens hack tool without any limit, for as many times as you wish. Last option is Anti ban system. This is probably most important feature in our hack tool, because of the nature of free tokens we are adding. For adding 100 or 200 tokens the system has no additional security checks. However, if you want to add 500 or 1000 tokens, the main site activates additional security checks as anti hack protection. Anti ban system can efficiently stop these security checks, but it slows down the work of our program considerably. That is why we didn’t include it as obligatory feature in our program but instead made it optional. You need to activate anti ban feature if you want to add 500 or 1000 tokens to your account. However, if you plan to add 100 or 200 tokens, this feature is not necessary. Last two options in this tool are Update and Donate option. Update option should be used at least once per month. We release regular updates for our program, especially after security patches for browsers or PHP. As for donate option, it is strictly optional feature. We know that you will like our software because it works so efficiently and safely, and hope you will be so satisfied that you would maybe wish to help us in our further projects by donating some small sum. We accept sums as small as 1$, so don’t be shy, please. If you are satisfied by our program, here is the best way to say thanks!

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